With more and more people using the internet today as well as people spending more time online on a daily basis, it is very important for a business to properly market themselves on the internet. Properly marketing themselves online can make a business’s presence known online, obtain a customer base, and have those customers bring them in more business through word of mouth. The first that a business needs to do to be a success online is to have a high-quality website.

To have a high-quality website, the first thing that you need to focus on is the context and relevance of your website, the best thing for the creation of a website is using Adroited services. The search engine Google is starting to focus on analyzing topics and content and not just keywords. It understands what words mean and how they are related to each other. According to SearchMetrics, Google’s algorithm recognizes high quality, relevant content and rewards it with higher rankings. The length of the content of your website is very important also.


It is important to know that websites that rank well with search engines have over nine-hundred words of content per page. For this reason, businesses need websites with more content. If your website has a blog, each blog post should be between 2,000-2,450 words long from the perspective of SEO like that is done by the Phoenix SEO Company or gilbert seo. Websites that have more get the higher-ranking positions from the search engine companies. The ideal length of a blog post from the viewpoint of a reader is 1,600 words long. The next essential element of a business website is images and videos.

Images and Language Accuracy 

An image on a website needs to be at least 32X32 px. Blog posts with images and videos are more engaging for people that visit a website. The more images a web page has, the higher their ranking is (according to Searchmetrics). An average amount of images for a successful web page that is in the top rankings is seven images. In the blog part of the website, it is a good idea to include an image or video for every new chapter of your post. Proper grammar and spelling is also an essential element of any website. If a business web page has grammar and spelling mistakes, that makes the company look bad to their customers. Also, search engines such as Bing, Google, and Yahoo can penalize the website for having these types of errors. If a website does not have grammar and spelling errors, it makes the company whose website it appears to be more professional. 42.5 percent of customers are turned off by these types of mistakes. A business website also needs to be is readable.