Characteristics of Design

Readability is how easy the text of a website can be read and understood. The Flesch reading ease formula can tell you how easy your website is to read. The Flesch reading test measures how difficult a text in English is. The score of this test uses the length of a sentence (number of words in a sentence) and the number of syllables per word in an equation to calculate how easy a website is to read. If a text gets a high Flesch score (of around 100) are easy to read. They have short sentences and no words of more than two syllables. Typically, a Flesch of 60-70 is acceptable/normal for web copy. Proper formatting of a website is important also. Proper formatting of a website includes using H1/H2 tags, number lists, and bullet points to break down the context of a website. Keep sentences and paragraphs short. Use bold print and italics to make important parts of your website stand out. If a website has high-quality content, it is easier to read and can be easily scanned and skimmed. Google is able to detect page layout and can penalize a website for not having a proper format. When people visit a website’s blog, they are less likely to read it if it is not properly formatted. Having an experienced person building a business is absolutely important to have a successful business website.

According to Google’s quality guidelines, “high-quality pages and websites need enough expertise to be authoritative and trustworthy on their topic.” It is essential for the creator of a website to be experienced so that the content of a website will be thought of as high-quality. People want to read blog posts from an expert that can dig deep into a topic and properly explain it. Sharing on social media is essential in this day and age because a lot of people visit social media sites every day.

High-quality content on social media tends to be shared more. If a website is of high-quality, they will have buttons that connect their website visitors to their social media sites. More social media shares have a connection to higher search engine rankings. It is a good idea to place your social media sharing icons where visitors to your website can easily see them and include a call-to-action for people to share your social media sites. If you extensively tweet your website content, you can reduce your indexation time by fifty percent. It is also very important for a website to get a high Google rating with their external and internal links. Nine out of the ten websites that are at position one in SERPS (search engine results pages) have at least one internal self-referencing link. Pages that have higher rankings typically have a better internal link structure with more links. Sharing helpful external links will also make your customers happy. It is a good idea to focus on building a nice internal link architecture. Never link to unrelated pages or Google will penalize you. Finally, the quality of comments is part of having a high-quality website.